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Southampton Liberal Democrats headerWelcome

Southampton Civic Centre

The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no-one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity.

As you know, Liberal Democrats Campaigners and Focus Teams work all year round to improve your community. If there is any way we can be of help, please do get in touch!

If you share our passion for working for local people and believe in the Liberal Democrats aims, why not join us? By being a member you keep in touch with the Party throughout the year, join us at our regular social events, and get a vote in all Party Elections.


  • Southampton votes to REMAIN_Channel 4/Survation poll
    Article: Nov 7, 2018
    By Southampton Liberal Democrats

    Recent polling indicates that if given the opportunity, Southampton would vote to continue Britain's membership of the European Union.

    A study conducted by Survation, the results of which were broadcast on Channel 4 this week, found that 105 council areas that voted to leave the EU in 2016 would now instead back Remain - including Southampton.

    These findings are broadly in line with previous research published in August this year by campaign groups Best for Britain and Hope Not Hate, which reported an 11% drop in the city in support for leaving the EU.

  • Cable, Barnier et al
    Article: Oct 26, 2018
    By Simone Van Beek

    The Lib Dems, SNP, Plaid Cymru and Greens are working together, alongside rebels from Labour and the Conservatives, to fight Brexit. Vince Cable pressed Barnier on the need for the EU to make contingency plans for a People's Vote and to protect EU and UK citizens rights in the event of a no deal Brexit.

  • Article: Oct 25, 2018
  • Mansel Park
    Article: Oct 24, 2018
    By Southampton Liberal Democrats

    Local residents and users of Mansel Park in Redbridge ward are invited to attend public consultation sessions on the future of the area.

    The first event is to be held on Wednesday 24th October at the Saints Pub, from midday until 2pm. The second will be at the MP3 on Evenlode Road on Saturday 27th October, from midday until 2pm.

    Redbridge Spokesperson Simon Stokes comments:

    "People here really value and care about Mansel Park, as was seen when the Labour-run council tried to build new homes around the edge of the playing field, and more recently as residents debated the pros and cons of a planning application by Bush Hill FC.

    "I hope the consultation sessions are well-attended, and that local people take this opportunity to have a say on the future of Mansel Park."

  • Park & Ride
    Article: Oct 23, 2018
    By Southampton Liberal Democrats

    The 'traffic chaos' currently being endured by road users in Southampton could be avoided in future with the introduction of a 'Park & Ride' service, say Southampton Liberal Democrats.

    Multiple engineering works in and around the city have brought many routes to a virtual standstill over recent weeks. The problem has been felt particularly badly in the west of the city, along Redbridge Road and the M271. Traffic is being diverted through residential areas, including along Brownhill Way, leading to virtual gridlock at peak times.

    Ironically, a plan to construct a new health campus and Park & Ride facility for hospital staff at Adanac Park, off of Brownhill Way, has already been put to public consultation.

    Local Transport Spokesperson Adrian Ford comments:

    "The Labour-run City Council clearly didn't have the foresight to anticipate the effect these concurrent roadworks would have on traffic flow in and around the city. If they had, our roads wouldn't have blocked up like they have.

    "If cities like Winchester, Salisbury and Portsmouth can find the money and political will to make Park & Ride services available, then surely Southampton City Council can do the same.

    "There's never any fresh thinking from Labour, only more plodding and pedestrian politics, and empty apologies when it all goes wrong.

    "The people of Southampton deserve better, and demand better, than the service they're getting from this Labour council."

    Please sign our petition in support of Park & Ride facilities for Southampton: soton.lib.dm/ParkandRide

  • Demand Better - transport_Park & Ride
    Article: Oct 18, 2018
    By Southampton Liberal Democrats

    Southampton Liberal Democrats are calling on Southampton City Council to create 'Park & Ride' facilities for the city, to reduce traffic in the city centre and improve local air quality.

    Cities including Portsmouth, Winchester and Salisbury already have Park & Ride services used by locals and visitors, whilst a new Park & Ride facility for hospital staff has been announced for part of the Adanac Park site just off the M271 on the outskirts of Southampton.

    Environment Spokesperson Alexander Clifton-Melhuish comments:

    "Southampton desperately needs to tackle its poor air quality. However, it is abundantly clear that the Labour-run council is pursuing a Clean Air strategy that will, at best, just about meet legal minimum requirements, whilst offering workers, visitors and residents few viable alternatives to driving into the city centre.

    "Liberal Democrats demand better than the timid proposals laid out by Labour in the Clean Air Zone consultation.

    "Rather than charging some vehicles to drive in the city, as Labour are planning, we believe the Council should offer a viable, affordable alternative to drivers - namely, a Park & Ride".

    Please sign our petition in support of Park & Ride facilities for Southampton: soton.lib.dm/ParkandRide

  • Mixed plastics recycling bank - Portswood
    Article: Oct 17, 2018
    By Southampton Liberal Democrats

    Southampton Liberal Democrats are disappointed to learn that the mixed plastic recycling banks installed across the city are to be scrapped by the Labour-run City Council.

    In response to the news, Environment Spokesperson Alexander Clifton-Melhuish said:

    "This is deeply disappointing. The scheme was well used by residents, and during its run successfully diverted many tonnes of recyclable materials from landfill.

    "Now, all of those resources will be literally going up in smoke - as they'll be shipped off for incineration.

    "This will do nothing to improve Southampton's woeful recycling record - the city is ranked 321 out of 350 councils.

    "We must demand better than this poor service from Labour".

  • Article: Oct 11, 2018
  • Parliament (hero_parliament)
    Article: Oct 10, 2018

    The Government's Counter Terrorism Bill has now moved to debate in the House of Lords. The Liberal Democrats opposed the bill in the House of Commons for a simple reason: this bill does little to keep us safe, but a lot to erode the individual freedoms of people in the UK.

    In the future we might have a Government who are prepared to ride roughshod over our freedoms as citizens.

  • Residents Survey 2018
    Survey: Sep 27, 2018
    21 questions

    Southampton Liberal Democrats want to know what is important to you.

    This survey is for you to tell us what issues and problems in your area are causing you difficulty, so that we can better represent our community and fight for the things that matter to you.

    Please make sure to provide your address so we know which area the problems you have reported are in, and so that we can get back to you about any specific problems you have raised.