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Southampton Civic Centre

The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no-one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity.

As you know, Liberal Democrats Campaigners and Focus Teams work all year round to improve your community. If there is any way we can be of help, please do get in touch!

If you share our passion for working for local people and believe in the Liberal Democrats aims, why not join us? By being a member you keep in touch with the Party throughout the year, join us at our regular social events, and get a vote in all Party Elections.


  • Ben Curd
    Article: Mar 20, 2018
    By Southampton Liberal Democrats

    In our Alternative Budget, published last month, Southampton Liberal Democrats have committed to spending an extra half a million pounds on our roads and pavements, left to crumble after years of Conservative and Labour under-investment.

    Communities Spokesperson and Bargate campaigner Ben Curd says:

    "It's obvious to anyone working, living or visiting Southampton that our roads are in desperate need of improvement."

    "We've suffered years of cuts to local spending, and despite successive increases in our caouncil tax, the problems seem to be getting worse."

    "That's why Southampton Liberal Democrats have allocated an extra half a million pounds to invest on our roads network, whilst keeping council tax lower than Labour."

  • school meals
    Article: Mar 16, 2018
    By Southampton Liberal Democrats

    Up to a million children are set to lose their free school meals after Conservative MPs, backed by their DUP allies, voted to scrap the scheme introduced by the Liberal Democrats during the coalition.

    Bitterne campaigner Olivia Reed commented:

    "The Lib Dems took a lot of hate for the coalition years; but what went unseen was how much of it was spent battling the Tories over cuts, and trying to implement positive change.

  • Jamie Stone (Chris McAndrew [CC BY 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons)
    Article: Mar 15, 2018
    Commenting ahead of Gavin Williamson's first speech as Defence Secretary the Liberal Democrats have have called on the government to lift the 1% cap on armed service personnel.

    Liberal Democrat Armed Forces Spokesperson, Jamie Stone said:

    "Men and women who serve in our Armed Forces deserve the utmost support for their sacrifice, but time and again they have been let down by this government. Too little has been done to address the chronic low morale amongst those currently serving, and the country is being put at risk by a failure to recruit new people with the skills needed for 21st century warfare.

    "Williamson must use his first speech as Defence Secretary to show soldiers, sailors and airmen that he is listening to their needs by lifting the 1% pay cap, giving our Armed Forces the pay rise they deserve.

    "Russia's actions in the last few weeks show why we cannot afford to sit back and as our forces are hollowed out. We should not for one single second imagine that Vladimir Putin will be short-changing his own troops - he's not that daft."
  • Vince Cable
    Article: Mar 15, 2018
    Responding to the Spring Statement, Leader of the Liberal Democrats Vince Cable said:

    "The Spring Statement was a non-event. The OECD gave us the clearer picture - that the economy is bumping along the bottom of the G20, well behind the likes of Australia, Canada and the Euro area.

    "The OBR's fresh forecasts are still a long way behind the figures estimated in March 2016 before the EU referendum.

    "It is time the government was honest with the public: there will need to be tax increases to pay for the NHS and social care, police and schools.

    "This is why the Liberal Democrats have advocated a penny in the pound income tax increase for health and care and why we must scrap cuts in Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax introduced since 2015."
  • Vince Cable
    Article: Mar 12, 2018
    Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable has delivered the closing speech to the party's spring conference in Southport.

    In the speech, Vince sets out the reasons he is campaigning for an exit from Brexit:

    I would go so far as to say Britain is now mired in a protracted, non-violent civil war.

    Allied to the poisonous rhetoric about 'traitors' and 'saboteurs', and what Theresa May calls 'citizens of nowhere'…

    ….we have a toxic brew which fuels the populist right.

    What a disgrace that the fools' errand of Brexit…embarked on to paper over cracks in the Conservative Party has resulted in hate crime on our streets.

    Our message is clear: Liberal Democrats will rebuild an open, tolerant, outward-looking Britain.

    We want our country back.

    He also explains how he plans to modernise the Liberal Democrats, drawing on ideas from sister parties in countries such as Canada:

    I am determined that we Liberal Democrats should lead a new groundswell for political renewal.

    Our sister Liberal Party in Canada, under Justin Trudeau, leapt from third to first in a 'first past the post' system every bit as unforgiving as ours. I have turned to them for advice on modernisation on how we can apply their successful model here.

    The Canadian liberals engaged all their registered supporters - their voters - as well as their members in leadership elections and candidate selection. They became a new party; a movement.

    Building on our own traditions, we must address how we in the Liberal Democrats can become a movement for those who are alienated by the Conservatives and Labour.

    I want to see a movement fizzing with ideas… and the vehicle for a practical programme for government … …driven by the need to drive down inequality between the generations… facing up to the challenge of climate change by investing in renewable energy and green transport… and preparing our country for a future when technology be harnessed to the optimism of opportunity rather than the pessimism of job destruction.

    So as a party I want us to think big. To be as radical and forward-looking with our ambitions for the party as we are with our ideas and our policies.
  • Article: Mar 8, 2018

    Happy International Women's Day! Today we are celebrating the achievements of women worldwide, but also acknowledging that there is still so much more progress needed to bring about true gender equality.

    Listen to Jo Swinson, Tim Farron, Wera Hobhouse MP, Sal Brinton - President of the Liberal Democrats, Edward Davey, Kath Pinnock ,Catherine Bearder MEP, Lorely Burt and Vince Cable as they push for greater equality and liberty.

  • Pint & Politics 14-3-18
    Article: Mar 6, 2018
    Pint & Politics is going on tour around the city - and our first port of call is in Portswood.

    Why not pop along for a drink (non-alcoholic beverages are available, of course) and a chat, find out a little more about our activities and campaigns in Portswood and across the city, and maybe even offer your services to our Southampton City Council election campaign - May 3rd isn't far away now!

    This is an ideal opportunity for everyone to find out a little more about what we're doing, in a friendly social environment.

    Members, non-members and supporters welcome!

    For further details, please visit our Facebook Page.
  • Lib Dem EU flag
    Article: Mar 5, 2018
    Speaking on Peston on Sunday yesterday, Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable revealed that the party is targeting around one million EU citizens for support in May's local elections.

    The Lib Dems have tailored social media adverts in 21 European languages. The adverts are fronted by MEPs from those countries and they encourage EU citizens to register and vote Lib Dem in May.

    Vince Cable has also written to Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn asking that they back John Major's call for a free vote for their MPs on the final Brexit deal secured by the Conservatives.

    Lib Dem leader Vince Cable said:

    "The local elections represent a huge opportunity for EU migrants, who contribute so much to our economy and society, to make their voices heard. We are reaching out to them to vote Lib Dem and help us support their rights and ultimately secure an exit from Brexit. Their support could make a vital difference in close council seats."

    Lib Dem Brexit Spokesperson Tom Brake said:

    "The Lib Dems are the only major national party that has campaigned for an exit from Brexit and the one that has led on rights for both EU migrants in the UK and Brits living in the EU in the wake of Brexit.

    "We want EU migrants to help us fight the hard Brexit pursued by the Conservatives - and backed by Labour - at the forthcoming council elections. There is still the opportunity of an exit from Brexit."

  • VInce Cable
    Article: Mar 3, 2018
    Commenting on Theresa May's Brexit speech at Mansion House, Vince Cable MP Leader of the Liberal Democrats, said:

    "Theresa May has once again prevaricated from making serious decisions about our future. Her speech outlined all the reasons why we should stay in the single market and customs union, but she will carry on regardless, driving us out to placate brexiters in the cabinet.

    "May's diminished authority is allowing Brexit extremists to neuter any chance she has at getting an acceptable deal for the UK.

    "With a listless government beholden to hard-line Tories the only way to protect our future is ensure a referendum on the final deal. Surely, If May believes in her strategy, she would happily take it to the country."
  • Olivia Reed
    Article: Mar 1, 2018
    By Southampton Liberal Democrats

    The Liberal Democrat society at the University of Southampton is celebrating as their scheme to make menstrual products available for free to women unable to afford them is enacted by the Students' Union.

    The launch of the trial scheme has been timed to coincide with the University's Women's Health Month.