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Southampton Civic Centre

The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no-one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity.

As you know, Liberal Democrats Campaigners and Focus Teams work all year round to improve your community. If there is any way we can be of help, please do get in touch!

If you share our passion for working for local people and believe in the Liberal Democrats aims, why not join us? By being a member you keep in touch with the Party throughout the year, join us at our regular social events, and get a vote in all Party Elections.


  • brake
    Article: Jul 11, 2017

    Boris Johnson has admitted the government has no plan for no deal on Brexit, claiming that "there is no plan for no deal, because we are going to get a great deal."

    Liberal Democrat Brexit Spokesperson Tom Brake commented:

    "This shows a shocking level of complacency.

    "These kind of glib assurances are straight out of the Trump playbook.

    "It is simply not good enough when people's jobs, living standards and rights are all on the line.

    "People should be able to judge Boris Johnson on his actions not his words, with the chance to reject a disastrous Brexit deal and stay in the EU."

  • Pint & Politics 12th July 2017
    Article: Jul 10, 2017
    By Southampton Liberal Democrats
    Join us for our July Pint & Politics social!

    As we gear up for the Southampton City Council elections in May 2018, please come along and find out what we're up to, and how you might be able to be involved in the campaign.

    One of the positives that emerged from the recent General Election campaign was the enthusiasm of our members and supporters to work towards creating a more open, tolerant and united city and country. We'd love for you to be a part of this with us.

    This is an ideal opportunity for everyone to find out a little more about what we're doing, in a friendly social environment.

    Members, non-members and supporters welcome!

    Details can be found on our Facebook Page
  • Thomas Gravatt
    Article: Jun 30, 2017
    By Southampton Liberal Democrats

    Alan Whitehead, the Labour MP for Southampton Test, abstained last night on Chuka Umunna's amendment to the Queens Speech urging the government to stay in the Single Market and to oppose a Hard Brexit.

    Thomas Gravatt, Parliamentary Spokesperson for Southampton Test, commented;

    "I am deeply disappointed in Alan Whitehead's decision to follow Corbyn's whip and abstain on the Queens Speech amendment to keep us in the Single Market.

    "Southampton's economy is heavily reliant on our trade with Europe, and leaving the Single Market and Customs Union threatens this trade, and therefore threatens our local economy and thousands of jobs.

    "Although Whitehead voted against Article 50 a few months back, it is clear that he has lost his backbone and is now supporting Brexit as much as the rest of the Labour party.

    "I know that many pro-Europeans in Southampton Test voted for Alan Whitehead because of his apparent anti-brexit stance, what has become apparent since is that he is happy to fall in line behind Corbyn's Euroscepticism and ignore the pro-European voices in Southampton.

    "It is very disappointing that the electorate were misled into thinking that Labour was a pro-European party during the election campaign.

    "If you want to remain in the Single Market and keep our strong relationship with Europe, then the Liberal Democrats are the only party for you."

  • brake
    Article: Jun 23, 2017

    The Liberal Democrats have criticised Theresa May as "cold and heartless," following the shock revelation she blocked attempts to guarantee the right to stay for EU nationals immediately after the referendum.

    In a scathing editorial in the Evening Standard today, George Osborne revealed that "in the days immediately after the referendum, David Cameron wanted to reassure EU citizens they would be allowed to stay. All his Cabinet agreed with that unilateral offer, except his Home Secretary, Mrs May, who insisted on blocking it."

    It comes as the Liberal Democrats have set out a list of four demands that must be addressed in the government's paper on the rights of EU nationals on Monday, including ending the "bureaucratic nightmare" faced by EU citizens applying for permanent residency.

    A recent report revealed that at the Home Office's current workrate, it will take around 11 years to process the millions of expected residency requests from EU nationals.

    Liberal Democrat Brexit Spokesperson Tom Brake said:

  • David Davis & Michel Barnier (uk.businessinsider.com)
    Article: Jun 20, 2017

    Commenting on the first day of Brexit negotiations, Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said:

    "David Davis said the row of the summer would be over the sequencing of Brexit talks, and one day in he has capitulated.

    "The man is a joker. Despite the government's posturing, the EU was clear today it has not made a single concession to David Davis. He has been utterly humiliated.

    "After Philip Hammond tried to rugby tackle his Conservative colleagues before they leap off the cliff edge on trade, David Davis has shrugged him off and dived into the abyss.

    "He has announced his intention to ruinously rip us out of the single market and customs union, despite the government's own Chancellor warning this would be very, very bad for Britain.

    "The Liberal Democrats will work with MPs across all parties prepared to stand up for the British people to leave us with a functioning economy."

  • Redbridge Tower fire, April 2017 (dailyecho.co.uk)
    Article: Jun 19, 2017
    By Southampton Liberal Democrats

    Southampton Liberal Democrats are calling on the Labour-run City Council to ensure the safety of residents of the city's numerous tower blocks, in the wake of the tragedy at Grenfell Tower in London last week.

    Southampton Liberal Democrat Housing Spokesperson Simon Stokes says;

    "I've contacted Councillor Payne (Cabinet Member for Housing and Adult Care, Southampton City Council), and asked him to reassure residents that their safety is at the forefront of the minds of planners, developers and council officers.

    "I have asked Councillor Payne if external cladding systems, like the one used in Grenfell Tower, have been or are planning to be used in Southampton, if he plans on retrofitting towers with sprinkler systems, and if he is willing to demolish tower blocks where there is only one means of escape for residents.

    "I understand that budgets are stretched, but we're talking about the safety of Southampton residents. The cost of retrofitting or demolishing tower blocks may be high, but the cost of not doing so could be far, far higher."
  • Article: Jun 16, 2017
    By Southampton Liberal Democrats
    Southampton Liberal Democrats would like to thank Tim Farron for everything he has done to further the aims and aspirations of liberalism during his time as Leader of our Party.

    As he ends his tenure as Leader, Tim Farron leaves the Liberal Democrats in a much better position than when he took on the role - membership has more than doubled in the last two years, and we've increased our number of MPs by 50%.

    Many of our members in Southampton voted for Tim in the leadership election in 2015, after welcoming both him and Norman Lamb to the leadership hustings hosted at the University of Southampton.

    A majority of voters in the recent election rejected the Conservative vision of the United Kingdom - voting against the austerity agenda, against inequality and unfairness, and against Theresa May's 'Hard Brexit'. Southampton Liberal Democrats will continue to campaign for a more open and tolerant country, and a brighter future for all. Tim Farron will naturally continue to be a part of that national campaign.

    There is an abundance of talent in our Parliamentary Party, and we look forward to engaging with our new Leader on the issues that matter to the people of Southampton.
  • Liberal Democrat MPs elected June 2017
    Article: Jun 13, 2017

    Introducing the new Liberal Democrat team of 12 MPs, representing constituencies from Orkney to Eastbourne.

    Thank you for each and every vote for the Liberal Democrats nationally, and to everyone who has helped the Liberal Democrat campaign in any way in these seats and across the country.

    • Tom Brake, Carshalton
    • Vince Cable, Twickenham
    • Alistair Carmichael, Orkney and Shetland
    • Edward Davey, Kingston and Surbiton
    • Tim Farron, Westmorland and Lonsdale
    • Wera Hobhouse, Bath
    • Christine Jardine, Edinburgh West
    • Norman Lamb, North Norfolk
    • Stephen Lloyd, Eastbourne
    • Layla Moran, Oxford West and Abingdon
    • Jamie Stone, Caithness
    • Jo Swinson, Dunbartonshire East
  • Pint & Politics 14th June 2017
    Article: Jun 9, 2017
    By Southampton Liberal Democrats
    Join us for our June Pint & Politics social!
    After the excitement of a General Election campaign nobody was expecting or prepared for, Liberal Democrats up and down the land are rising up, dusting ourselves down, and getting back to the day job - promoting liberal values, tolerance, openness, and working hard for our local communities.

    Please join us, to share your thoughts on the result, how you thought the campaign went, and find out how you can continue to be involved in campaigning as we approach the Southampton City Council elections in May 2018.

    This is an ideal opportunity for everyone to find out a little more about what we're doing, in a friendly social environment.

    Members, non-members and supporters welcome!

    Details can be found on our Facebook Page.

  • Norman Lamb NHS
    Article: Jun 7, 2017

    Closing wards and services, extending waiting times, and stopping some treatments are all being considered by senior NHS officials in controversial plans to curb spending, the Health Service Journal has revealed.

    The controversial measures are reportedly being discussed privately between top officials from NHS England and NHS Improvement and health managers in 14 areas of the country with the highest levels of overspending.

    Liberal Democrat Shadow Health Secretary Norman Lamb commented:

    "These savage proposed cuts to frontline services show why we cannot allow Conservative underfunding of the NHS to continue.

    "We have less than 48 hours left to save the NHS as we know it.

    "Without more investment in the NHS, waiting times will increase, availability of treatments will be reduced and patients will suffer.

    "We don't need to accept this. The Liberal Democrats will stand up to Theresa May on the NHS to ensure our hospitals receive the funding they need."