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Southampton Liberal Democrats outside Guild Hall - Stop Brexit

Welcome Southampton Civic Centre

The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no-one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity.

As you know, Liberal Democrats Campaigners and Focus Teams work all year round to improve your community. If there is any way we can be of help, please do get in touch!

If you share our passion for working for local people and believe in the Liberal Democrats aims, why not join us? By being a member you keep in touch with the Party throughout the year, join us at our regular social events, and get a vote in all Party Elections.


  • Tim Farron
    Article: Nov 28, 2019

    A report by the Resolution Foundation has found the Liberal Democrats' policies would mean 600,000 fewer children in poverty by 2023-24, making it the most progressive of the three main parties.

    The report also found child poverty risks reaching a record high under Conservative plans.

    Liberal Democrat Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Tim Farron commented:

    "This report is a damning indictment of the Tories' heartless welfare policy, which is leading to soaring levels of child poverty across the country.

    "Only the Liberal Democrats will stop Brexit and invest billions of pounds from the Remain bonus in building a brighter future for those struggling in our society. We would scrap the cruel two-child limit, benefit cap and bedroom tax, and invest in free school meals and childcare for millions of families.

    "As the Resolution Foundation recognises, we have the most progressive policy of all the major parties, focused on ensuring everyone has the same opportunities regardless of where they come from."

  • Ed Davey
    Article: Nov 28, 2019

    Responding to the Institute for Fiscal Studies' analysis of the three main parties' manifestos, Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader Ed Davey said:

    "This damning assessment shows that neither the Tories or Labour have a credible plan for the economy. Both are failing to come clean with the electorate and ignoring the Brexit black hole their plans would leave in the public finances. Everyone knows you can't have something for nothing, but both the Tories and Labour are pretending you can.

    "Only the Liberal Democrats are being frank about your money and how we'd spend it. We will stop Brexit and invest the £50 billion Remain bonus in tackling inequality, improving our vital public services and strengthening the economy. We are being up front with the British people that investing properly in our NHS and social care will mean all chipping in a little more, by putting a penny on income tax to raise £7 billion a year."

  • Sam Gyimah and Jo Swinson
    Article: Nov 27, 2019

    A Liberal Democrats Government would increase the minimum wage by 20 per cent for zero-hour contract employees and introduce a raft of policies to create a working environment that protects employees.

    The new, higher minimum wage for those on zero-hours contracts will seek to compensate workers for the uncertainty of fluctuating incomes.

    As part of their plan for the future of work, the Liberal Democrats will also promise to establish a new 'dependent contractor' employment status for workers tied to one employer, which enshrines rights such as minimum earnings, sick pay and holiday entitlement.

    The party will also give workers the right to request a fixed-hours contract after 12 months, which could not be unreasonably refused.

    Sam Gyimah, Liberal Democrat Shadow Business Secretary, said:

    "The Tories are gambling with our economic future which would make workers in the gig economy vulnerable to the consequences of a damaging and destructive Brexit.

    "The Liberal Democrats, as the natural party of business, will improve pay and enshrine rights and protections for gig workers.

    "The Liberal Democrats will create a brighter future for those who do so much to support how we live our lives today, while making sure innovative business models can flourish in the modern economy."

  • Liz Jarvis and supporters, Bitterne Park Triangle
    Article: Nov 25, 2019
    By Southampton Liberal Democrats

    Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate for Southampton Itchen Liz Jarvis is leading the fight against the expansion of Southampton Airport in the constituency, and is urging concerned residents to sign our petition.

    Liz Jarvis

    "I have spoken to numerous Itchen residents and received lots of letters from concerned residents who will be directly impacted by the noise and pollution from the airport expansion.

    "We are listening to the views of local people who are concerned about the environmental impact of this airport expansion.

    "We want to see local jobs created by investment in the green economy rather than anything that will impact on people's health and wellbeing.

    "I would urge everyone to sign our petition, to send a clear message that we have had enough of business interests taking precedence over the lives and health of the people of this city, and this country."
  • Article: Nov 21, 2019
  • Article: Nov 19, 2019
  • Ed Davey
    Article: Nov 15, 2019

    Today [15/11] Liberal Democrat Shadow Chancellor and Deputy Leader Ed Davey will be making his General Election keynote speech in Leeds.

    The former Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change will announce a Liberal Democrat government would spend and invest an extra £100 billion of public finance on tackling the climate emergency and environmental preservation.

    Ed Davey is expected to say:

    "A Liberal Democrat Government will jump-start an economy-wide programme to tackle the climate emergency: I can announce today that across a 5 year Parliament, Liberal Democrats would spend and invest an extra £100 billion of public finance on climate action and environmental preservation.

    "This includes a new £10 billion Renewable Power Fund to leverage in over £100 billion of extra private climate investment. This will fast-track deployment of clean energy, to make Britain not just the world leader in offshore wind, but also the global number one in tidal power too. And we will invest £15 billion more to make every building in the country greener, with an emergency ten-year programme to save energy, end fuel poverty and cut heating bills."

    Liz Jarvis, Lib Dem candidate for Southampton Itchen, comments:

    "The Liberal Democrats have a clear, properly costed plan for tackling the climate emergency and preserving our environment.

    "I've been hearing from many voters in Southampton Itchen who are extremely concerned about climate change, air pollution and the expansion plans for Southampton Airport. This is really a fundamental issue for the people of this constituency. And yet the current Tory MP for Southampton Itchen, Royston Smith, was recently given a 'climate score' of 0% because his voting record on important measures to tackle climate change is so poor.

    "It's clear Mr Smith doesn't take the climate emergency seriously at all."

  • Article: Nov 14, 2019
  • Liz Jarvis for Southampton Itchen
    Article: Nov 13, 2019

    In an article originally published by CityAM.com, Lib Dem candidate for Southampton Itchen Liz Jarvis writes:

    "In just over four weeks, voters will go to the polls without knowing whether or not they can trust the Conservatives on the issue of alleged Russian interference into the 2016 Brexit referendum.

    "The decision by Downing Street to suppress the publication of this report until after this election is extremely concerning, and frankly sets off very loud alarm bells. No wonder Hillary Clinton described the reluctance to release it as "damaging, inexplicable, and shaming". The public has the right to know what is in the report, and the fact that it isn't being released until after the election implies that the government has something to hide.

    "Voters need to know that our democracy is being properly respected, and the government has a duty to be transparent. If it can't reassure us that the allegations of Russian interference into British politics over what has proven to be the most divisive public vote in our country's history are unfounded, then serious questions must be answered before 12 December."

  • Luciana Berger MP
    Article: Nov 13, 2019

    Responding to Labour's recent announcement on the NHS, Luciana Berger, Liberal Democrat Shadow Secretary for Health, Social Care and Wellbeing, said:

    "Labour's health announcement completely misses the point. They are ignoring the fact that Brexit is the biggest threat to the NHS - if Labour allow Brexit to happen, they cannot rescue our NHS.

    "Brexit has already cost the economy as much as £66 billion. If Corbyn had not tacitly supported Brexit, Labour could have funded their NHS plan more than two times over.

    "Only the Liberal Democrats can offer voters a brighter future through stopping Brexit and transforming our NHS and social care services for the future."

    Lib Dem candidate for Southampton Test Joe Richards added:

    "There is no better windfall for the NHS than remaining a member of European Union. Brexit is costing us not only time but money. It's so frustrating to watch precious resource wasted.

    "The obvious solution - the one that numerous polls indicate is now most popular - is to simply Stop Brexit, so that we can give our health and social care system the attention and funding it deserves.

    "Labour can cost up whatever budget for the NHS they like, but unless they get fully behind staying in the EU, then they'll also have to account for the billions lost as a result of Brexit"