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Benjamin Curd for Bargate Richard Blackman for Bassett Vijay Chopra for Bevois Olivia Reed for Bitterne James Read for Bitterne Park Amy Greenwood for Coxford Alexander Clifton-Melhuish for Freemantle Colin McDougall for Harefield Andy Beal for Millbrook Rob Naish for Peartree Adrian Ford for Portswood Simon Stokes for Redbridge Peter Galton for Shirley Phillip Mackin for Sholing Paul Clarke for Swaythling Sam Harris for Woolston
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Southampton Liberal Democrats headerWelcome

Southampton Civic Centre

The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no-one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity.

As you know, Liberal Democrats Campaigners and Focus Teams work all year round to improve your community. If there is any way we can be of help, please do get in touch!

If you share our passion for working for local people and believe in the Liberal Democrats aims, why not join us? By being a member you keep in touch with the Party throughout the year, join us at our regular social events, and get a vote in all Party Elections.


  • Article: May 4, 2018
    By Southampton Liberal Democrats

    I'd like to thank the thousands of people across Southampton who put their trust in us and supported their local Liberal Democrat candidate. We have regained third place across the city, and regained second place in Portswood.

    We had our most energetic and committed slate of candidates for years, all of whom attended the election count, and fully supported our city-wide campaign throughout this last year. I'd like to thank them, and our army of members and supporters who were so active all across our city.

    This was our best campaign for over a decade and I'm proud of all of our energy, positivity, and commitment to the areas we seek to represent. I'm proud to be part of this fantastic team.

    Nationally, our performance was much more heartening - strengthening our positions on councils in Hull, Gosport, Liverpool and others, and winning control of Richmond and Kingston. We have won seats in Remain and Leave voting areas up and down the country and, as our leader Vince Cable says, we have shown that we can win anywhere.

    Our Southampton team will continue to work hard, and hold the Labour administration, and councillors of all parties, to account. We will continue to work hard all year round and I am confident that this hard work will find its reward.

    Despite not being elected, your local Lib Dem campaigners will continue to assist and represent you. Please get in touch with us if there are any issues in your local area that you would like us to address.

    James Read
    Chair of Southampton Liberal Democrats

  • Article: May 4, 2018

    Commenting on last night's local election results, Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable said:

    "We are on course for what could be our best set of local election results in a decade and that is thanks to the outstanding efforts of our members. The Liberal Democrats have enjoyed gains across England, from Hull to Gosport, Liverpool to West Oxfordshire, Sunderland to Richmond - in both Leave areas and Remain. We have shown that we can win anywhere.

    "These results show a return to three party politics and a strong future for the Liberal Democrats. We stand as the only party fighting for an exit from brexit, and are making gains against both a Conservative party driven by their right wing, and a left wing Labour party absorbed by Corbyn's dated economic vision.

    "And there is still much to look forward to today, with more gains to come. These elections represent an important step in our re-establishment as a political force."

  • Article: May 3, 2018
    By Southampton Liberal Democrats

    "Liberal Democrats want to give the British people the opportunity to #ExitFromBrexit, with a referendum on the final deal, including an option to remain.

    "That's why I joined the party," says Freemantle candidate Alexander Clifton-Melhuish.

    "I'm proud to have been named as the 'anti-Brexit tactical vote' (#ABTV) candidate for Freemantle at the forthcoming Southampton City Council elections. A vote for Labour or Conservatives is a vote to endorse Brexit.

    "If, like me, you believe the UK should continue to benefit from our membership of the European Union, then the choice is clear: vote Liberal Democrat today."

  • Article: May 3, 2018
    By Southampton Liberal Democrats

    Today is polling day in the Southampton City Council elections.

    Every vote for your Southampton Liberal Democrat candidate will make a difference, and help us to implement our fully costed plans, including:

    ● re-introducing a Community Champions Team to tackle neighbourhood blight & anti-social behaviour

  • Article: May 2, 2018
    By Southampton Liberal Democrats

    Thursday May 3rd is polling day in the Southampton City Council elections.

    Every vote for your Southampton Liberal Democrat candidate will make a difference, and help us to implement our fully costed plans, including:

    ● re-introducing a Community Champions Team to tackle neighbourhood blight & anti-social behaviour

  • Adrian Ford for Portswood
    Article: May 2, 2018
    By Southampton Liberal Democrats

    Local Transport Spokesperson and Portswood candidate Adrian Ford has reiterated his commitment to campaigning for improvements to Southampton's cycling network, as Liberal Democrats commit additional funding to pro-cyclng measures.

    Adrian says:

    "In our fully costed budget, presented to the council in February 2018 and available to read on our website, we committed £1M of extra capital expenditure for cycling and incorporating cycling and public transport considerations into the city-wide development, transport and housing plans.

    "This would be allocated to building new or improving existing cycleways across the city and prioritising pothole repairs to protect cyclists safety.

    "This is in addition to existing revenues that Labour have already dedicated to spend on cycling.

    "I would also work with local cyclists and my Liberal Democrat colleagues to deliver meaningful developments that improve cycling in Southampton."

    To support our efforts to improve cycling infrastructure and participation in Southampton, please remember to VOTE for you Liberal Democrat candidate THIS THURSDAY, May 3rd.

  • Lib Dem EU flag
    Article: May 2, 2018

    Commenting on the Labour frontbench abstaining and Tory peers voting against the people having the final say on the Brexit Deal in the House of Lords, Liberal Democrat leader in the House of Lords Dick Newby said:

    "This vote has shown that since we last voted on the issue a year ago there has been a large shift in favour of giving the people the final say on any Brexit deal.

    "I very much regret that the Labour party was not able to support our amendment today. If they had, our amendment would have easily passed.

    "No-one's future in this country should be left in the hands of Theresa May's Cabinet. Liberal Democrats will continue the campaign for a people's vote on the final deal. But we need Labour's support, and I call on them to back us in giving the public the final say."

    Candidate for Bassett Richard Blackman added:

    "As there was no clarity in the referendum campaign about what leaving the European Union would mean, it is right that there should be a People's Vote on the terms of the withdrawal deal.

    "By abstaining on this amendment, Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party have once again colluded with hard right Conservatives in the delivery of a hard Brexit.

    "I hope that Labour members and supporters in Southampton will call on Mr Corbyn to change course and support a People's Vote".

  • Lib Dem EU flag
    Article: May 1, 2018

    Commenting on the Tory government's defeat in the House of Lords on giving parliament a meaningful vote on the Brexit Deal, Liberal Democrat leader in the House of Lords Dick Newby said:

    "This is a hugely important result. It puts Parliament in the driving seat and ensures that the government will follow the directive of the House of Commons, no matter what the result of the negotiations with the EU.

    "Brexit is the most important decision facing the country for a generation and it is vital that Parliament - not the government - decides whether or not any Brexit deal is acceptable."

  • Bush Hill FC crest (https://twitter.com/bushhillfc1)
    Article: May 1, 2018
    By Southampton Liberal Democrats

    At a public meeting last night, Redbridge candidate Simon Stokes heard opinions from residents on the proposed growth of grassroots football club Bush Hill FC.

    Football Association (FA) rules dictate that to progress to the next level of competition, Bush Hill FC - based at Mansell Park adjacent to Kendal Avenue - would have to erect a fence to fully enclose the playing area, as well as introduce standing and seating areas for spectators. Following several years of sustained success, the club is ready for the next step.

  • Nuisance motorbike riders (Daily Echo)
    Article: Apr 30, 2018
    By Southampton Liberal Democrats

    Redbridge resident and City Council candiate Simon Stokes has condemned the latest series of 'nuisance motorbike' incidents, which include driving at and injuring a police officer, and knocking over and injuring a dog walker on the Common.

    Simon Stokes commented:

    "As time goes on, these riders are engaging in ever more dangerous exploits, beyond the Redbridge/Millbrook area.

    "Only last night (Sunday 29th April) I witnessed a dirt bike pull a wheelie on Lords Hill Way - in fading light, with no lights on the vehicle, with other vehicles in the immediate vicinity. They're not only endangering themselves with this reckless behaviour, but other road users too. It has to stop."

    Simon and the Southampton Liberal Democrats team welcome the news that Hampshire Constabulary will be working with local bus operators to monitor their onboard CCTV, in an effort to identify and catch those people engaging in this thoughtless activity.

    Simon Stokes adds:

    "If you have any information that could help police put a stop to this irresponsible behaviour, please call 101 or email operation.torque@hampshire.pnn.police.uk."