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Lib Dems highlight LGBT rights risk of Brexit

September 2, 2019 10:10 AM
By Southampton Liberal Democrats

Southampton Liberal Democrats are proud to have participated in Southampton Pride 2019, where our anti-Brexit message received an overwhelmingly positive response.

Richard Blackman, Local Party Chair and Bassett candidate, said:

"This is the third consecutive year that we have taken part in Southampton Pride, and the first year that we hosted a stall inside the Guildhall. Hundreds of attendees contributed to our 'Brexitometer', and we handed out hundreds of 'Bollocks to Brexit' and 'Brexit is Bonkers' stickers throughout the day."

Southampton Pride 2019

Our stall also handed out "I'm a Liberal" rainbow and "Trans rights are human rights" stickers, membership forms, and hosted a petition opposing the revocation of the Human Rights Act.

Brexitometer, Southampton Pride 2019 (24/8/19)Alex Clifton-Melhuish, LGBT rights campaigner and Shirley candidate, said:

"The Liberal Democrats have been at the forefront of campaigning for LGBT+ rights from their formation. But fundamental to many of the rights we have secured over the years are Human Rights, as enshrined in our world-leading Human Rights Act - but Brexit risks those rights.

"I am truly fearful for the impact Brexit may have on my family and the wider LGBT+ community. The protections we have from discrimination in services, employment, access to adoption and IVF, and more besides, are grounded in EU laws and ECJ rulings. Already, many are calling for the scrapping of the Human Rights Act to weaken the law protecting LGBT+ asylum seekers, trans prisoners and LGBT+ people serving in the military. And the increase in hate crimes since the referendum is alarming, showing no signs of abating."

Southampton Liberal Democrats collected petition signatures at Southampton Pride calling for the Human Rights Act to be saved, whatever happens with Brexit. And most attendees voting on the Brexitometer indicated that Brexit will have a negative effect on LGBT+ rights.

Alex concluded, "We must never forget that Pride is a protest and plays a major role in promoting LGBT+ rights campaigns. We continue to fight for our outstanding rights, and securing them is core to Liberal Democrat policy. But for now, as long as we look likely to leave the EU, we must fight to keep the rights we have."